Namibia Floods

The Namibia Department of Hydrology used COVE to assist in planning acquisitions for satellites operated by CEOS agencies in support of two disaster pilots in Namibia and the Caribbean.

In March 2011, heavy floods reached Namibia from Angola. The Namibia Department of Hydrology had access to imaging data from the International Disaster Charter (IDC). COVE provided footprint predictions for most of the satellites that were offered by the IDC, allowing the Hydrology Department to minimize the number of images they requested while maximizing coverage of critical areas. Acquiring such data in COVE has become even easier with the addition of the Rapid Acquisition Tool (RAT).

Two areas of interest were the Caprivi region and the town of Cuvelai. Radarsat-2 had potential acquisitions of these two regions on March 18, 2011, as can be seen by this COVE output.