Tuz Golu

Tuz Golu is a salt lake Located in central Turkey (latitude/longitude 38.75, 33.4). The lake has no vegetation due to its very high salt content. During the summer months, the lake dries up, exposing a layer of salt that is 30-80cm thick. Due to the highly refractive nature of salt, the lake is a prime location for satellite calibration and validation (CalVal).

Satellite CalVal was performed at Tuz Golu during the week of Aug. 17th - 25th, 2010. COVE provided estimated times of satellite overpasses to the United States Geological Survey (USGS). This reduced the amount of time that engineers had to spend in the field waiting for a particular satellite overpass.

Landsat 5 was one satellite of interest.

Click here to view Landsat 5's TM instrument on August 18, 2010.

By clicking on the track over Tuz Golu (the white region in the center of the map), one finds a predicted overpass time of 08:17 on Aug 18, 2010 (UTC).

Envisat was another satellite of interest during the week.

Click here to view Envisat's AATSR instrument on August 17, 2010.

Here one finds a predicted overpass time of 08:22 on Aug 17, 2010 (UTC).

If one is interested in a large number of satellites, the Rapid Acquistion Tool can be used to quickly create a spreadsheet containing all predicted acquisitions.