Harnessing the Power of Satellite Data

The CEOS Visualization Environment (COVE) is a browser-based suite of tools for searching, analyzing and visualizing actual and potential satellite sensor coverage.

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Welcome to the COVE Portal

The CEOS Visualization Environment (COVE) is a suite of tools for analyzing satellite sensor coverage for more than 100 Earth-observing satellites. The suite includes:

  • Acquisition Forecaster - A tool that provides users with the ability to prediction when a satellite has the ability to image a region of interest
  • Coverage Analyzer - A tool that provides users with the ability to analyze the historical satellite coverage of a region of interest
  • Revisits Calculator - A tool which allows users to analyze estimated satellite coverage and revisits for a region of interest
  • Data Browser - A tool that allows users to view the satellite image archives from multiple CEOS missions
  • Data Policy - A database that provides users with information about the data policy and primary archive location for CEOS satellite instruments
  • Utilities - A set of quick calculation utilities to provide users with a means of estimating various parameters of interest about CEOS satellite missions

COVE Paper

 A paper on COVE was published in  IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing.   It can be downloaded from IEEE Xplore or directly from COVE.

The COVE suite was developed by the NASA CEOS System Engineering Office (SEO) for CEOS.  All tools in the suite are publicly available and free to use.