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User Controls
User controls will be populated with mission specific parameters when a task is run. For example, Landsat/Optical missions may include cloud cover, ascending/descending, etc.
This panel will be populated using data from the server. If there is no content here please contact an admin.
Filter by region name

Add New Regions

Longitude/Latitude pairs should be provided in a sequential order using the following format: lon1 lat1, lon2 lat2, lon3 lat3. A minimum of 3 points is required to have a valid polygon.

Drawing mode will be activated when the 'Draw Region' button is pressed and the first click registers and deactivated when the right mouse button is pressed.

Upload a .kml or .zip shapefile package and convert the contents to COVE regions. Please ensure that all coordinates are in WGS84 (lon, lat).

Your coverage map can be exported and downloaded using the buttons below. Supported formats include images, CSV, and various raster dataset types.

Download a .png image containing the current map view.
Output CSV files contain headers and a list of all unique scenes. This will remove any duplicate or overlapping coverages, providing a single list of all acquisitions from this task.
Raster data outputs will contain a georeferenced map of the acquisition count for your task. For degree or kilometer based tasks, the points will be the upper left of the discretization. For WRS based tasks, your task will be resampled to a 2 degree square and displayed as a normal square discretization.
Pushing a task to the Data Browser allows users to easily see the acquisition footprint on the globe and inspect thumbnail images.