Help: User's Guide: Multiselect Menus

Multiselect menus in COVE include the missions, and custom missions lists in the missions and instruments left-side panel, custom missions right-side panel, and regions right-side panel in Acquisition Forecaster, Coincident Calculator, Coverage Analyzer, Revisits Calculator, and Data Browser tools.

Multiselect menus in COVE are collapsible lists. Collapsed sections are identified by a right pointing triangle. Clicking on a section header will open or close the section. The section header will be mission, custom mission, or region name. Open sections are identified by a downward pointing triangle. Closing a section will deselect all items selected in the section.

In the missions and instruments lists in Acquisition Forecaster, Revisits Calculator, Coincident Calculator for forecasted missions, and Add Constellation panel in the right-side menu of Coincident Calculator for forecasted missions, users may select a filter type. Filter types are All, Active, and Historical. Filter type All includes both active and historical missions. Filter type Active includes missions which have current TLE data. Filter type Historical includes missions which do not have current TLE data. Current TLE data is defined as missions with new TLE data imported within the last three months in COVE.

Filter text may be entered in the filter missions search bar in missions and instruments lists in the left-side panel, in regions list in the regions right-side panel, and in missions list in the add constellations panel in the right-side menu of Coincident Calculator. Filter text is used to search missions, instruments, and modes, or regions. If searching missions lists, the filter is applied to short names and long names of missions, instruments, and modes. For example, it will search against both alos-2 and advanced land observing satellite 2. If filter text is entered, all matching sections will open and the section header will not be collapsible. Filter missions and filter type may be combined to narrow mission search results.

There are three selection modes available for selecting items in a multiselect menu: single selection, control, and shift mode. Only one mode can be activated at a time. The modes function like a toggle switch. Users should not hold ctrl-key or shift-key down while selecting items. Items in the list are selected using the left mouse button.

  • Single selection: Select /deselect only one item in a list. Single selection is a default mode when control and shift are deactivated. If multiple items are selected, clicking on a selected item will clear all selections in the list, and clicking on a deselected item will clear all other selections in the list.
  • Control: Select/deselect multiple items in list one at a time. Activated/deactivated control mode with the ctrl-key.
  • Shift: Select multiple adjacent items in a section in a list. Activated/deactivated shift mode with the shift-key. If no items in a section are selected, the first selection will only select a single item. The next selection will select everything between the last selection. Clicking on a selected item will deselect the one item. With items selected, clicking on an deselected item in the section will select the single item and deselect all other items in the section.

Selection modes are set from the scope of the tool, not the individual multiselect menus. For example, if the user turns on control mode while working in the missions and instruments panel, selection mode will also be set to control in the regions, and custom missions panels. However, if the user launches Revisits Calculator and subsequently launches Acquisition Forecaster, the selection mode will revert to single selection mode.

In Acquisition Forecaster and Revisits Calculator, users should use the control selection mode to choose instruments/instrument modes from both missions and custom missions list. Shift selection mode will not allow users to select items in both tabs since shift mode is designed to select groups of items within the same section of a list. However, if users only wish to select from items in one of the tabs, any selection mode may be used. Clicking on a missions or custom missions tab in the missions and instruments panel will close all sections except for sections with selected items, and it will scroll to the first section in the list with a selected item. The multiselect functionality allows users to easily initiate a task with both missions and custom missions.